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At Ricarte we offer our customers prototype services with FDM and SLA technology.

3D printing


We have 6 printers equipped with FDM technology whereby we are able to print in different materials: PLA, ABS, NYLON, flexible materials … With a printing space of 250x210mm. We also have a high precision printer with SLA technology.


3D printing


3D printing is a group of additive manufacturing where a three-dimensional object is createdby laying down successive layers of material.

3D printers offer those product developers the capability to print parts and assemblies made by different materials with different physical and mechanical properties, quite often with a simple assembly process.


COVID-19 commitment

3D Faces hields

At Ricarte, we want to help in fighting against this coronavirus crisis by offering our resources. We are printing 3D face shields for healthcare workers, which we donate to all those health centers and hospitals in need. Our thanks goes out to thew hole team.

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Iníciate Awards

Fast 3D printing of prototypes with FDM technology. Its aim is to develop and supply our customers with fast prototype parts, produced at a lower cost than other companies are currently offering.

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